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Since 1989, Terry’s Cycle has been dedicated to providing excellent sales and service to the Central Michigan area.

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Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode where Kramer walks into Jerry’s apartment and tells Jerry that he overbought items from Price Club? Then Kramer’s horse has some gas problems after eating all of the beefy food Kramer fed to him because he overbought. Well, we don’t have a bunch of beefy food or gas problems (most of the time); however, what we do have is a bunch of bikes on sale.

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Mon – Fri: 9:30am – 5:30pm

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Mon – Fri: 9:30am – 6pm

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Sunday: gone riding

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    Fitness / From fitness to fun, and all points in between.
    This is our most popular bike category, with good reason. Fitness bikes are the ultimate multi-talented ride. Workout machine, capable commuter, suburban warrior... they do it all well. They're the surest answer to the question, "What kind of bike should I get?"
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    Electra Bikes

    electra_logoCars, Motorcycles, Fighter planes. If it’s got an internal combustion engine, we like it. But when the situation calls for a little legwork, the Men’s Attitude Cruisers fit the bill. They’ve been pinstriped, chopped, flamed and stretched for a custom look inspired by the hotrod culture. The modified frames and components like tricked out forks, struts, fenders, handlebars, racks and tires give each bike a style of their own. Throw in a little Flat Foot Technology® and you’ve got yourself one sweet ride.
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    Cannondale Bikes

    cannondale-bikeUnlike your crazy ex, OverMountain is proof that dual personalities can be a really good thing. Rather than using compromised middle-of-the-road geometry and travel for climbing and descending, OverMountain solves the up/down dilemma with solutions like the DYAD dual travel rear shock and Attitude Adjust Geometry, giving the rider two bikes in one.
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    Bontrager Products

    Bontrager-logo We sell Bontrager Products : Components, Accessories, Apparel, and Shoes for Road, Mountain, and City Cycling
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    Bell Helmets

    bellMountain Bike Helmets - Own the mountains with BMX helmets. Full face and trail tuned ventilation make them the best mountain biking helmets on the market.
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    Giro is the alpha and the omega of the bike helmet marketplace. They were the original brand to match breathtaking helmet lightness to CPSC safety standards. And each year they bring out new designs that affirm their place at the top of the heap. We sell more Giro helmets than all other brands combined for good reason. And they take their know-how in style